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My name is Shante' AKA Mrs_Tremaine. Im living in Clinton, MD. I just got out of the Army and Im currently working as a contractor... Making that p@per Baby!!! Im an Army chick at heart so my favorite phrase is, "Go Hard Or Go Home!!" I am an EXTREMELY big Trey Songz Friend (I prefer the word 'friend' vs 'fan') I stumbled upon his 1st single while deployed in Afghanistan in 05. I played the cd so much that my boyfriend at the time hated Trey. LOL!!! I am still and have always been impressed with Tremaine and how he presents himself as an artist. Trey is always the right amount of humble and cocky mixed together but his Swagg is so undeniable that you cant help but love him. He is truly more talented than people give him credit. The world is sleepin' on him and when they finally awaken...they will have 2 play catch up! To me, Trey is in a CLASS all by himself...Sumthin Like An S-CLASS to be exact! Love you Trey Baby!