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Im getting mad. It keeps buffering! -__-

On: Jan 01, 2013

1,000,000,000 times 100,000 :)

Replied To: How hot is trey 1 to 10? (Forum topic)
On: Nov 05, 2010

i would not believe him bcuz come on, have u heard his songz?

On: Nov 05, 2010

@ros and @Mariama Neverson thank you

On: Nov 05, 2010

honestly i dont think so bcuz im a teenager myself and i have never had sex and i dont plan it anytime soon. see i am being raised right and i know better. so dont blame trey for what he sings about bcuz that what he do best. i listen to his music and i aint did nothin im not supposed to do.

On: Nov 04, 2010
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My name is Ashley Lashe'. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Trey Songz!! If i was old enough I would marry him. lol. His songz are so amazing, everytime I hear his voice I melt Anyway, I am a nice, layed back type of person so yeah luv ya Trey ❤️
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