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a simply amazing valentine would be doing whatever he wants to do during the day and then whatever i want to do at night !! <3

On: Feb 16, 2013

a simply amazing valentines would be you and me riding horses on the beach waiting for the sunset and then laying in the sand looking up at the stars , then having a romantic dinner on the beach <3 <3

On: Feb 15, 2013

Its not the hundreds of dollars spent on gifts or events, or even the thousands of words put into cards but the countless hours put into that special someones life that last and make that moment memorable. that's a simply amazing valentines! <3

On: Feb 14, 2013

SIMPLE AMAZING valentines day would just be being with trey songz <3 and him singing to me.

On: Feb 13, 2013

My idea of a simply amazing valentine day wouldn't be something expensive or fancy it would be a nice dinner that you and me cooked together, talking over some candlelight and then relaxing in the bed watching a movie cuddled up together and feeding strawberries to each other!

On: Feb 12, 2013
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