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Girl i feel u. I did the same thing when he was here in DMV area at WALMART! LLS he was signing his cds and everything! I hope i could get to meet him n a couple of minutes, hours, days, weeks, years.... it don't matter to me forreal, cuz when i do i'm tell him everything i think about him and most importantly i gotta let him know i am deeply in love with him.... i never really met him, but hey..... you know how that is. But yeah girl my name Monica, if u have any ?'s or anything!

Replied To: I MET TREY FOR THE 1ST TIME FRIDAY :) (Forum topic)
On: Dec 07, 2010
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Mrs.Trey Neverson
About Me: name is Monica! I'm 19 and i will be 20 on April 20th. I am currently enrolled in school. I attend College of Sothern Maryland right now, but plan to transfer to Clark Atlanta University to further my education.I do work and still tryna look for a better job, something that will entertain me.The picture that i posted is resent, and i still look like the picture. I am a I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T young woman. And most inportant I can really picture myself in love with Trey Songs for who he is on the in side and the real Trey Songs. I really want to be with him and he is all i ever want in my life!!! That's about all i could say about now any ?'s please ask!!!