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Replied To: I Need A Girl (Video)
On: Aug 18, 2010
Replied To: Already Taken [Step Up 3D] (Video)
On: Aug 18, 2010
Replied To: Yo Side Of The Bed (Video)
On: Aug 18, 2010
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- aha, well dah name isx rakiya bbka mrsx.kiyabby.took mye 1st breath on april 30._? years ovf age.ah phfreshmen at whhs.(&nd lovin eradai'.) ii have dah most lovin' &nd carin' boifrend _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . ben widd disx fool fah bout 11 months knw. & yea hee lovee mye ovf course. well ii get datt ii am ah kute, loud, smart, &nd outgoin' person.(&nd ii agree) ii have an wonderful personality ii get along widd era1 jusx about. anywhoo ,, ii got ah main bytch who be robin she ah phuckin fool. we ah phuckin cat. 5 ppl say wen we get tewgatha. well dattx ahnuff fah knw* lovee ,, mrsx.kiyabby
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