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Hii wORlD iM ChaLoNDA...(Chay 2 sum)OR even LOnnIE Pooh... BuT yu Can Call ME MrSz. SonGZ wELL MrSz. NeVeRsoN. Im CHOCOLATE Cute fUNNY cOOL and A aLL aROund GinuwiNE peRSON...i LOve TO siNG And DAnce... I alWAys DREamed OF being A model AND im Gonna FulFiLL tHAT dREAM...yU WoN'T 4 GEt dis FACE.....bUT n e THIng ElSE asK YO self iM out.....I suPPA luV mySELF and SO shud YU!!! -->Dha BADDest BytCh dAT eVA LivED<--