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The one of the poem on his chest about his mom and grandmother....

On: Mar 31, 2010

It made me respect him.....People dont tell the truth about std's, and to hear him confess that it happened to him was mind blowing. Trey is the realest man that I have ever seen. Alot of people claim that they are real, but he actually proved it.....

On: Jan 15, 2010

I would have to get to know him to be crazy over him, but I would be interested. He is handsome but looks arent everything. he would have to be smart, funny, hard working, family orientated, responsible, has some goals, working, or in school. He has to be about something because I dont believe a woman should settle for someone who isnt acting like a man....

Replied To: If Trey Was A Regular Ol Dude.... (Forum topic)
On: Jan 15, 2010

I think he would date who ever catches his eye. Of course he is going to want someone who is on his level, but who wouldnt. Nobody wants someone who doesnt have anything going from themselves. Both partners have to bring something to the table. Its alot of gold diggers in the world thats why alot of rich people date within there crowd. They dont have to worry about people liking them for there money....From all the interviews I have seen Trey seems to be real honest and down to earth. Just because he has money it doesnt seem like it changed him to a different person.

On: Jan 15, 2010
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My name is April, and I am a big fan...I really cant say that Im in love with Trey because I dont know him personally. To be in love with someone you must know that person. I do have love for him because God said thou shalt love thy neighbor. I will say that Im in love with his music because he has the most amazing gift, and it speaks out to me. Anywho this site is about Trey, so I wrote how I felt about him and not about myself........