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Replied To: Trey Interview + (Blog)
On: Dec 26, 2009
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Ms. Songz
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Ms. Songz here the one and only!!! Just on here repin my baby Trey to the fullest!!! Anywho or another let me tell you guys a lil bit about the kiid. I'm 23 yrs. old. Lightskinned complected mixed with indian,black,irish,and puertorican. Yes that's right the best of all the worlds lol. No kids. 5'3 and weighing 146. And don't worry its all thickness!! Nothing FAT this way believe that. M the type of girl who likes to enjoy herself. And I say that to a certsin extent!! Because for one I love my life so that means I don't have time for drama and bullshit!!!! Life's to short for that you know? But anyway to keep it short and simple I'm just a plain ol jane who is in love with Trey Songz!!!!!!