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Amen Kitty! and Thank you!

Replied To: Lets Pray for Trey ()
On: Jul 15, 2011

Thank you all. Lets keep them coming. Beautiful Prayers!

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On: Jul 14, 2011


Replied To: Lets Pray for Trey ()
On: Jul 14, 2011

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for another day. Thank you for the life you provide to myself, Trey, TreysAngels, our families and friends. Your are such a great God and there is truly no one like You. Jesus as you know my heart, Trey's heart and everyone who loves and supports him heart that we continously pray for Trey's safety, health, prosperity and success. We continue to ask that you cover Trey and periodically remind him of the relationship that you both have and the importance of its strength. Help all of us and Trey to stay encouraged when times get tough, prayerful when there is no other comfort, and steadfast in the Word. Lord, please strengthen and increase Trey's spirit of discernment. Allow him to see with spirtual eyes and less with his natural ones. Lord I pray for myself and everyone who love and supports Trey and his family. Lord we need you more than anything. If we have lost our way, Lord place your footprints in the sand so that we can know where to get back on track. Netiher of us including Trey can make it without you. We love you Lord. We need you Lord. We trust Lord, and not matter we believe that You can do all things.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

Trey, your TreysAngels, fans, family and team love you. But God loves you MORE!

Replied To: Lets Pray for Trey ()
On: Jul 13, 2011

@Tricia THANK YOU Love! God Bless you! Beautiful prayer!

Replied To: Lets Pray for Trey ()
On: May 07, 2011
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