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Trey, its always great to know that you have so many people who cover you in prayer. Some people do it daily, and some just when you cross their heart. Well tonight I sent one up for you. I prayed that you stay humble, protected, safe, have balance and stay prayed-up. I know your at the highlight of your career, but you are STILL a soul, and it is my purpose to encourage, pray and remind you to stay encouraged, keep your relationship with Christ tight and know when to just be still. You have been so busy, and once these tours calm down, I hope you get to rest in HIM, for a while. I love you Trey. May God continue to Bless and enrich your spirit and path.
Thank you to all the Angels and fans who keep this discussion alive, its so important and necessary,, Love you all! God Bless

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On: May 05, 2011

I am planning to go. I will be solo and would like to room with some angels, I'm coming from Nebraska. Twitter @msangione

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On: May 04, 2011

yes at a reasonable price

On: May 04, 2011

This is awesome! Sounds real nice! I hope the event is real successful!

On: May 04, 2011
Replied To: NEW MERCH: SLEEP SET (Blog)
On: May 04, 2011
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