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Yea this all sounds like the radio station because if it was on Treys rules none of this would Have taken place the way it did. I hope you don't stick to this one bad experience im sorry !

On: Nov 20, 2012

Yea I have M&G and im sitting section 100 row D seat 9 , you ?

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On: Nov 18, 2012

Here is my entry, Good luck to everyone I wish you all the best of luck!!! I had fun shooting this video & it came straight from the heart! Thanks to @Ash_Songz & @ScreamJessy for helping shoot the video xoxoxo -- @_AprilBaby

On: Aug 19, 2012

Which song off of Chapter V was your favorite to record ?

How do you think Chapter V is different from your previous albums ?

Do you plan to tour after the release of chapter V and what Cities do you want to tour that you haven't done yet?

Do any of the songs off of Chapter V closely relate to something you have experienced in life?

If you had to choose a song off of ChapterV right this moment and create a video for it which song would it be ?

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On: Jul 02, 2012

I would so love this omg !! :)

On: Oct 20, 2011
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