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June 19

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September 17

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Trey's Candi
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****I <3 Tremaine Aldon Neverson **** | | instagram: treys_candi Feel free to add or message me. I love getting to know the Angels =)
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Trey Songz, duh!!!!
United States
Candice =)
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hello mrs . candi . i have a question . i had signed up for treys angels like a day after the concert and it says that its going to take four to six weeks for it to come , but it came today and all i got was a letter from treys angels and a pin when i thought that i was getting a you know hand written note from trey and access to photos and stuff , but i didnt get it . do you know if the other stuff is going to come in four yo six weeks since a week is early ? i just don't want to feel like i wasted my time joining the fan club when all i got was that , which i'm thankful for but i really wanted that hand written note and other access to videos and stuff . if you know why the reason is can you please respond to me ? thank you M

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I have seats 101 and 103. I am beyond excited, see ya there! :)