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@ms_candi I haven't been on twitter much, starting to get into it now =) Please follow me!

On: Apr 21, 2012

Followed! =) @ms_candi

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On: Apr 21, 2012

He's been gone wayyyy too long from Ustream!!! =(

On: Apr 19, 2012

Don't EVER give up hope!! I was in the same position you were in just a few months ago. I used ALL of my taxes just to hop on a plane to DC and get VIP tickets to meet my man. My dream came true the moment I laid my eyes on him and he kissed me. It is not impossible, I waited 7 years for my few minutes of happiness and although it felt like forever, it was something that I will cherish til my last breath.
Oh, and trust me, I had all of my words planned out as well. Even though I seized the moment for the picture and turned around to have him hold me lol, the things I wanted to say never came out once I felt his lips on my neck! Be careful girls, he will DEF steal your breath and your HEART!!!!

On: Apr 19, 2012

I have one as well, so don't let the negativity bring you down sweetie. People get tattoos for their own reasons and they should not judge you for yours. I am getting another one, strictly for my love of Trey, and when I told him this, he kissed me and told me I would always be his baby. That was the ONLY reaction I will ever care about. So, bravo to you for being a FOREVER ANGEL and don't let those people get you down. Stand up for yours ;;) <3 #LOVE

On: Apr 19, 2012
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