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LOL Have yall seen the girl with Tremaine Neverson tatted on her chest/neck area. I effin LOVE and ADORE him, but that's a tad bit much...ehhh..

Replied To: MY TREY SONGZ TATTOO (Forum topic)
On: Apr 21, 2012

I am voting for her! I contacted my local dealer to get the promotional code to get 5 extra votes. As soon as the email comes through, you have my vote! Good luck to your beautiful Mother and I hope she wins!!! XoXoXo

Replied To: AN ANGEL NEEDS YOUR HELP! (Forum topic)
On: Apr 21, 2012

@ms_candi I haven't been on twitter much, starting to get into it now =) Please follow me!

On: Apr 21, 2012

Followed! =) @ms_candi

Replied To: Follow ME (Forum topic)
On: Apr 21, 2012

LOVE it!!! It looks great!!! =D

Replied To: MY TREY SONGZ TATTOO (Forum topic)
On: Apr 20, 2012
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