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I like to write poems i like to read books i party hard im a good girl and bad lol i just like to have fun and be myself i love life and errone in it. MY LIPS LIKE SUGA. He said my lips like suga, he ova there talkin to his freinds like i really want to do her! I told him not my goodies he siad can he be COOKIE MONSTER and eat my cookies! He asked me was I taking any orders, I said yeah u can have me on a silver plater i told him he can eat me now or later! SEXUAL TENSION As are eyes connect I can feel tha sexual tension between us.As you examed my body with your eyes I did tha same with Mine.As you stared at me I can feel you just takin off my clothes right their I just felt the sex floating around in the air.As you rub my side I felt that tingling sensation in my spine....o just in the nick of time I knew you would be mine.As we layed their in the bed I thought of every thing he said "what we just had was SEXUAL TENSION!!!!!