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On: Apr 07, 2011

2 songs i would love for Trey to remake are Where i wanna be - donell Jones & pretty wings - Maxwell

On: Feb 09, 2011

Is that even a question? I most definitely buy it!! I go to to watch the the seasons episodes.would be nice to have it on dvd

On: Feb 09, 2011

Thankyou so much for the creation of this sisterhood as i call it lol i never knew there were so many other people overly obsessed with Trey lol even though i haven't yet met any of the angels in person i feel like i have known them my whole life. I love being a Treys Angel & the only suggestions i do have is that there be more contest such as the lyric unscramble and ultimate angel for upcoming tours :)

On: Feb 03, 2011

I need one of those calenders........actually i DEMAND one and i wont take no for an answer -______-

On: Jan 05, 2011
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Hey my name is Barbara Henry i am 18yrs old.Im a very fun & outgoing person.Im currently in my 1st yr of college & im a huge fan of Trey Songz.i love & support him as an artist & would love to get to know him as a person.I was recently named Treys #immaculateangel.Follow me on twitter -> @flygrlsam :)
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