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It wasnt what i expected( was kinda disappointed) but i enjoyed it for the most part. It really broke my heart when the dad threw the kids out the window , that's not even far fetched today because those things really do happen and its like how do you recover from such a tradegy ? especially as a mother ... but on the brighter note it still had some comical parts like whoopi's character was just a trip ! && when thandie was sweeping out the dust from her apartment && they told her pick it up she's like its dust it'll blow away && phylicia rashaad was like everything doesnt blow like you .. i was like :O lowww blooww loll .

Replied To: For Colored Girls (Forum topic)
On: Nov 08, 2010

omggg realllyyyyy.. !!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lol sorrryyy ... im so excitedd ,, let me go tell my family so they'll know not to disturb me from 10 on or else !!!!

Replied To: Trey goes LIVE Tuesday 11/9!!!! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 08, 2010

:D this makes me wanna go listen to unusual now .. over && over LOL... this is one of the best youve done like all the others were on point but this one just took it to a whole nother level... i loveee itttt cant wait for the other treycapades keep it up hun!!

Replied To: TREYCAPADES 3: The HOT Air Balloon (Forum topic)
On: Oct 31, 2010

omggg... i swear im about to cry :( this is soooo sweet && cuteee ...
I was picturinggg everythinggg! Love itttttt! ahhh soo goodd!

why was I like is this why Trey has been M.I.A for the past few weeks ? lool
who did he knock up .. omg Lauren London is preggo 4reel lol then i was like let me stopp haha
Canttt waittttt for the boook! so exciteddd
keeep doing your thang LadyAJ !!!!
you got a gifftt!

Replied To: The Last Time Part Six THE CONCLUSION (Forum topic)
On: Oct 30, 2010

OMGGG!!!! i didnt expect her to be preggoo ! ahhhh lol ... im falling in love with this story more and moree ! keep doing your thang hunn!! && them song lyricsss were on pointtt ! love it , love it , loveee itt !

Replied To: The Last Time Part Five (Forum topic)
On: Oct 30, 2010
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