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hmmm .. hmm .. hmm .. i loved itttt ! the rain oh la laa ! lol keep em comingg shay!!! great job as always !

Replied To: TREYCAPADES 2: THE RAINSHOWER (Forum topic)
On: Oct 28, 2010

ohh yesss ! this done made my nite i can go to bed now lol .. I knew his sxc ass was gonna get caught .. Lmaoo at Misses steal your man !! && we should autotune it like the best cry ever…
looool i could picture his face all mad && seriouss like really that shit aint funny ... && he had better go chase her ,, he's the one that messed up !!! oohhh and i loved the aquarium flashback that was really cutee :) cant wait til part 4 keep doing your thang hun!!

Replied To: The Last Time Part Three (Forum topic)
On: Oct 26, 2010

Trey , Trey , Trey , Smh ... wanna have your cake && eat it 2 !! i always get mad when trey does something to alyssa lol like its so real && im alyssa or something .. i have to tell myself calm down its not a real story ... great job on this cant wait for the next onee!

Replied To: The Last Time Part Two (Forum topic)
On: Oct 26, 2010

XD thanks ladies

Replied To: Why I love my Fellow Angels... (Forum topic)
On: Oct 24, 2010

thanks for posting the linksss !!
i was like oh nooo whats bout to happen heree ?
ahhh i cant waitttt to read the next oneee ,,,

Replied To: The Last Time... Part 1 (Fan Story) (Forum topic)
On: Oct 24, 2010
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