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I lovedd itt ! great job i was seriously picturing every moment of thiss !
i would have loveed to know what the gf's reaction was .. all loud " you had me waiting while you f*cked Trey Songz , dang girl you could have atleast invited me along , ole selfish ass " lmaoo
cant wait for the otherss ! keep em cominggg:)

Replied To: **NEW** TREYCAPADES 1: THE RESTAURANT (Forum topic)
On: Oct 24, 2010

lool no problem .. ok i will do that 2 :)

On: Oct 23, 2010

haa that made me smileee :) .. it really was too cutee !!

On: Oct 23, 2010

koool . great idea
ok here goes ...
My name is Jelani / JJ Born && Livin in Maryland but was raised in the Caribbean , the lovely island of St.Lucia to be exact :) . Im 18 years old currently in school majoring in Psychology . I love writing poems even tho i havent written one in a few months (school has me :( I also love doing hair and nails also maybe we could open up a shop together :)
I love interacting with my fellow angels so be sure to add me /follow me
My twitter is
&& facebook
Peace. Love && Songz yalll :)

Replied To: About Our ANGELs???? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 23, 2010

ive never came across you honey .. you know what you should do when you see something interesting or catches your eye in the discussions comment under it , im on here everyday reading and commenting and thats how i get to know the angels , then when there's posts about facebook or twitter post your info you'd be surprised the # of requests you'll get.. sheeeitt post your info now && ill follow you ! && good things come to those who wait you havent met Trey yet guess what neither have I .. but im just waiting on that day because i know it will come . && u dont sound like a fool you were honest ! here's my twitter follow me , i always follow back !

On: Oct 23, 2010
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~ConceitedAngel~ I Live 4 Trey been wit holding it down 4 him since 05 && im not about to stop now . You know i got every album , Know every song , every feature . He's Super Talented , Sexy , Smart && so much moree . He's always holding it down for us Ladies , so you know that I got I got I got your back boy , when youre high , when youre low said i promise i will never let you go . BeleeeDat Yuuup! :)
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