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heyy my fellow island angel ! im from st.lucia but i live in maryland ..

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On: Oct 22, 2010

wow thats a really great idea .. i so wanna be a part of this in any way i can !

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On: Oct 22, 2010

thats probably the deluxe edition one ... i think one of them even have the full panty droppa

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On: Oct 22, 2010

my fav trey songz song (lol) is Kinda Lovin !!!!!!!
i swear that song always makes me cry !

Fav album- thats kinda hard i wanna say PPP but then I wanna say I gotta Make it .. but then i wanna say Ready ..dang can i just say all!

Fav Trey Line - F*ck Outta here loooll or Chicka onh Songz oohh n ComeOnnnn

What makes him Sexy hmmmm .. too many things to name just one but if i had to pick my favorite feature id probably have to go with his teeth (is that weird ? lol ) like from the 1st time i saw them bunny teeth in gotta make it && gotta go videos i was in loveeeee , he shaped them up since then but still i love themm ! I swear when he smiles my heart warms upp :)

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On: Oct 22, 2010
On: Oct 22, 2010
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~ConceitedAngel~ I Live 4 Trey been wit holding it down 4 him since 05 && im not about to stop now . You know i got every album , Know every song , every feature . He's Super Talented , Sexy , Smart && so much moree . He's always holding it down for us Ladies , so you know that I got I got I got your back boy , when youre high , when youre low said i promise i will never let you go . BeleeeDat Yuuup! :)
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