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I'd like to look at him for a few seconds. We could then loosen up with bowling, he'd beat me, but that's cool! Then I'd like to talk to him about his life, his plans for the future, and Tremaine behind closed doors. And, I'd have to ask him to sing for me :+)

On: Sep 01, 2010

I looooovvvveee Trey Songz. I really really do. I am 28 yrs old and haven't this kind of crush on a celebrity since I was in high school and loved Anfernee Hardaway!
:-(, I'm so sad to see the BET series ending, and I'm so disappointed that there are no PPP tour dates anywhere in the south. Pleeeaase come to Florida!
And to comment on the notes about the new CD, anyone that says Trey Songz' only sings about sex has not really listened to the Ready CD. Helloooo. Just watched the Yo Side of The Bed was very nicely done (although sad :-(). Trey is an amazing and versatile artist. I would die if I could meet him!

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On: Sep 01, 2010
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