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Thanks so much :)

On: Sep 16, 2010

Hey cynthia! I got to meet him last night yes it sure did feel like we were a herd of cattle.. But he's such a sweetheart very humble and smelled so good lol! I can't wait to meet him again for 30 more seconds lol...

On: Sep 11, 2010

Thanks cynthia I sure do need that luck!!! :) I will let you know how it goes... How did your picture turn out? :) one more question is he short? I need to figure out what shoes to wear for this picture lol

On: Aug 29, 2010

That's so cold! Uggg that's just wrong cynthia.. Well did he at least seem nice? I want to give him a small something where he won't toss it lol geez....ticketmaster still hasn't sent me any info about the meet and greet.. I meet him september 10th...I can only hope I get on stage... Do you think the massage is staged or does he really pick someone from the audience?

On: Aug 29, 2010

Seriously cynthia?? Omg that's horrible that really makes me sad geez... I know those tickets weren't cheap at all... Goodness I hope I get pulled on stage since its about to be 20 seconds...I mean not even a min that's all bad... Was it before or after the show? My 20 seconds need to be worth wild then all the money I spent... Smh

On: Aug 29, 2010
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