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December 29

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  • since i didnt get to represent @ the show, i still can in pix. wanted Trey & fellow Angels to see my efforts. Much love!

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Heey! My name is Mariah. Middle name Carrie :} AKA #THERAPEUTICANGEL. From the VA! Im 19 years old, workin & goin to college to be a Medical Assistant. I love Tremaine because his songz have been onpoint since day one. His voice is beautiful & all aspects of him are just great. He looks amazing, his style is classy because he's on his grown&sexy status now, his interviews are hilarious & he really cares about his fans. Im officially one of Trey's Angels now and cant wait to get all the perks. One day I would love to meet Trey because it would be a blessing for me to be in his presence. Im looking forward to getting closer to Trey & learning more about him. Trey just makes my day whenever I look at him or listen to him and I pray that he keeps doing the damn thing and continues to be an inspiration to us all. Hit me up on here or twitter(mca_luvsongz). YUUUP! Letgo.
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WELCOME TO TWITTER WORLD U GO GIRL . I just wrote u back on my profile comment section

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I wrote u back on my profile girlie

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lucky u live or from VA i love that u may run into him if he visits VA,,,, lol smile

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Hey there girly u willl meet him and greet him one day so just keep hope and know it will happen trey is so sweet in person too I will help u get started whenever u decide to set ur twitter page up because most of the angels are on there and facebook and we all talk there too but some are all on the discussions board too we love this Angels site too so u have many options to connects with Angels from all over the world just go to sign up or enjoy ur day I met trey when he was in Texas performing in 2008 he had braids and was sooo kind to all the ladies.

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Welcome 2 being in the Angel club thanks for saying our pic is nice you are the 1st and only Angel who told me that I really appreciate that .Let me know if u have a twitter so we can follow each other

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Yay! Im one of Trey's Angels now :}

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So how do you find out more info on Trey's Angels if it wont let you read anything about it unless you're a member?! I guess thats the catch. I workin on it Trey :}