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When they become available (the day of or before) you should get an email with the passcode needed to get access to ordering a presale ticket online via Ticketmaster or some other site. From what I have noticed, the passcode for this concert has been the same. I got my passcode a couple of hours before the presale tickets actually went on sale. So just make sure that you look out for it. Also, they have posted it on this site too!

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On: Nov 04, 2012

Glad to say that I got my tickets for the L.A. show. Hella excited to see Trey in concert for the first time!!!

Replied To: New Chapter 5 Pre-sales! (Blog)
On: Oct 18, 2012

I'm wondering the same thing. How can we get the presale code? Los Angeles tickets go on sale tomorrow and I am trying 2 get mine as soon as they are available...

On: Oct 17, 2012
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