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Thats cute!

On: Feb 28, 2013

Hey ladies im a new angel, what I read was that we are getting new merchandise. So Billy emailed me and said that it should be 4 weeks til we get our utensils. But if u don't receive your items then email him back. So yea its gon be like the end if the month b4 we get our stuff.

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On: Jan 10, 2013
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Hi, im Jasmine from Dallas,TX, im 22yrs old been a fan of Tremaine's since 2005 I was 15, been supporting him and im not gonna stop! Never met Trey before but, Im planning on that REAL SOON! I love Trey Songz with a passion, i just joined Trey's Angels in Dec. 6th 2012! I LOVE being an Angel!! So many Angels are just SIMPLY AMAZING!! I love ALL my angel sisters, even if i dont know you, i STILL love ya'll! Im a cool person to get to know. LOVE YOU TREY!!!!!!!!
Listening to music (Trey Songz), shopping, going to the movies, chilling with friends or my Angel Sisters, being on twitter and facebook.
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