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Replied To: Fans Call In & Interview Trey! (Blog)
On: Aug 23, 2009
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Well My Name is Chelsea As u may already know I love sleepiin..eatiin..hangiing out wiid frensz.. goiin 2 da ..Danciin..Cookiin[Sumtimesz].. Giivin adviice 2 othersz..playiin volley liisteniin too musiic... playiin viideo gamesz..watchiing aniimesz...liiKe watchiin soccer toOo... Sumtimesz basketbaLL[[yea ii kno ii dont seem liike Da type dat liike stuff liike dat but ii do]] I was born iin Jamaica..So dat makes me 100% Jamaican.. [iif u wasnt born dere u not from dere(meaning ur not jamaican]get iit?got iit?Ghud!! of a kiind... Loviin...Strong-Willed...iim sumone who makesz her own decisionz...state facts... and tell u wats on mii miiNd... Im open bout everythiing...Express maself... Im crazzie bout love songsz...n also heartbreak... I love evrythiin Dat iinvolvesz romance..Idk why.. but im juss crazzi3 about anything dealing wit iit..i juss think itsz so cute.. Love ma frensz odee much...N wud do Anythiing 4 dem..