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hey im a NJ angels and trey doesnt come to NJ at all im one of the angel who travel to see him but not that far. you might not want to hear this but to see trey one on one you might just have to pay for that VIP ticket when he have his concerts or win a contest that treys angels is having on the site but i rather pay cuz i dont have time for all that. i mean when treys angels put on the site looking for angel in the NYC to go to 106andpark did you sign up becuz everybody who was on that list or even if you came with your shirt on you got in with us then we took a pic with him he evrn gave everybody a hug and a kiss after that pic too. but if you are trying to see him afte 106 andpark it going to be hard becuz it gets crazy out there i saw trey 10 times this year and i travel some and some i caught his ass coming out of a store or going in to the show if he see you enought then he will remember you trust i know i was work a fulltime job and a part time going to school its crazy but i made it happen you can hit me up on twitter @sexynene2007

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On: Dec 14, 2011
On: Dec 14, 2011
On: Oct 10, 2011
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