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i love trey songz he is my future husband and i can sing word for word of all his songz and he means every thing to me and i have been to all his concert and the next one i am getting a artigraph on my ______ and i can help but wait because gone think i invented sex and the nieghbor gone know my name because his side of of the bed i lonely and i will text and say come and get this lol :) and he is my one love and on his brithday he can say ahh and there want be no love lost or black roses in our life and i want to be where he is because he is my panty dropper and i just want to be successsful and this is the super dopper juptier love and i am ready to make love to trey songs and i can sing dance model and act and i love trey songz!!!!!!!!! yuppppppp!!!!!
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