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Replied To: FOLLOW FRIDAY (Blog)
On: Oct 01, 2011

lol @SShorty and Mz.2thick you make A LOT of sense!!!Thats true! you only get one life!and thats Trey Songz!!!lol He would be your bff and husband after that!!!! but even if he wasn't SAVE TREY!!!

On: Dec 13, 2010

@LoveMelmLexi I agree with you! and everyone else who says that friendship lasts longer

On: Dec 12, 2010

exactly!! I'd save him,then become his girl,then marry him(eventually,no rush)lol

On: Dec 02, 2010

koldheartedkiddglam I totally agree!! Nalston I feel u on that also! I don't want him to sing "Can't be Friends"to me if we dated then broke up lol.But being his friend I feel like he would open up more and just be Tremaine around me and let Trey play the back for awhile.

On: Dec 02, 2010
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