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Love you tons for this!! Thanks!! (NY Show)!

On: Oct 12, 2012

Will be in NY! @misslegalgeek would love to meet NY Angels (from Va, but in NY frequently)...

On: Oct 12, 2012

I feel like you do!!....either Baltimore, DC or Maryland! Im considering NY, but at this point it doesn't matter, and i have to find someone to go with...My lady is not feeling the over abundance of excitement... Lol.. Im new to the Angel Family...Hiii!!! Follow me, if ya like. We can keep eachother and whoever else posted on what we find out from our ends.....@MissLegalGeek

On: Oct 11, 2012

I really want to go to this show!! In NYC! Angels, keep me posted and im willing to work with you!


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On: Oct 11, 2012
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Hello My Angel Sisters & Brothers!!! I'm #LiveOutLoudAngel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so IN LOVE with Tremaine's music, humanity & positive energy! I am a Law Student, FANATIC of New York, Dance & Music!! I Love To LOVE & LAUGH!! I am also a 5/gold star PROUD member of the LGBTQ community/family! Trey is so like the little brother I've always wanted! (only child)...I'm described as bit of a Nerd, I love Crime Shows, Science documentaries and The Disney Channel all on one day! I am SO in love with my Brooklyn Lady, 2 years of friendship turned into 6 years of me being speechless everyday!!!.................I Can admit..... "CANT HELP BUT WAIT" is super meaningful to me (us) ;-) I am focused on making a stable and comfortable life for me and mine! Book Smart & Street Smart.... Education is mandatory!!! I am also severely strong on positive energy, empowerment, and motivation, stepping outside your comfort zone!! I am also a nonprofit volunteer for various nonprofit organizations, I admire the work of Trey's Angels! You guys rock!! I'm passionate about the artist in Trey and his process of creating and analyzing his music and which tracks to choose for his albums and why? I'm hoping to share this passion of art with fellow fans! =-) I'm an Obama Campaign Intern!! Saw Trey Songz for the first time Wednesday, August 29th 2012 at the National in Richmond, VA!! He was AMAZING!!! Not too many artist sound like their album LIVE!!! He was so sweet and attentive to his fans!!! Such a Gentlemen!!!!!!! <3 <3
School, Reading, Writing, DANCING, & Music
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To name a few....Janet Jackson, Trey (Of course), Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay Z, Mr. West, Alicia Keys, Cold Play, Maroon 5 and the list goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............
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