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If you signed up and made the payment and everything, your welcome package should arrive within a number of weeks, depending on where you live and everything, I guess. I just got my package as of today; it took about 3 and a half weeks for me.

Replied To: Question (Forum topic)
On: Oct 18, 2010

......LMFAO I've been reading all of y'alls comments and y'all are goin HAM with this discussion! Psh...all I can do is just sit back read, LOL!! @CharBaby you're on top of all this ain't cha!!

On: Oct 16, 2010

You already know I've voted!

Replied To: GO VOTE FOR TREY AMA (Forum topic)
On: Oct 15, 2010

The fact of the matter remains that when it all comes down to it, we can't control Trey's decisions and his personal life no matter how much we want to. In my opinion I don't mind at all. If he is possibly dating Ms. London, it's all good. And if not, he's still the single man he is. Lauren is a really beautiful young woman and I can see why Trey might be attracted to her! Whatever the case may be, we really don't know whether they're really vacationing together. So c'mon Angels! Let's support whatever decision he makes because we're here to support him the whole nine yards no matter what! And by doing that we're showing genuine commitment not only to Trey but also to his entire team! We love you Tremaine!

On: Oct 15, 2010
On: Oct 14, 2010
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Whazzup?! Myztik here, I go by Trey's #MusicallyMindedAngel (3/2411) and I love him to death! I'm an extreme lover of music. I love to be creative in everything that I do and to learn more and more each day. I'm a sophomore in high school and love to do what I do best: sing. I've been in the various school choirs in my city for five years now and continue doing so, and play the piano frequently. I've taken piano lessons for the past six to seven years and now basically teach myself. I'm also a songwriter and composer. Overall, I'm a very artistic and creative person and love to express myself through art, whether it be through song or other forms. And last but not least, I love Trey and all that he does! Along with all the other thousands of fans supporting you, Imma support you the whole nine yards, baby! Your concert back in August over here in Mississippi was the ish. I loved it. Come back soon, baby! :-) Yuuup!
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