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Replied To: VA ANGEL MEET & GREET (Blog)
On: Jan 01, 2011

What a great idea, Chrissy! ;) I'm in love with it. I don't have a Twitter or anything ATM, LOL, but please do contact me at if you have new information to pass on to me. I'd love to participate! Much love from this Angel to you!!

Replied To: Annual Conference 4 Trey's Angels (Forum topic)
On: Jan 01, 2011
Replied To: LOVE FACES WINNER (Blog)
On: Jan 01, 2011
Replied To: FRESH TO DEATH (Blog)
On: Jan 01, 2011
On: Jan 01, 2011
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Whazzup?! Myztik here, I go by Trey's #MusicallyMindedAngel (3/2411) and I love him to death! I'm an extreme lover of music. I love to be creative in everything that I do and to learn more and more each day. I'm a sophomore in high school and love to do what I do best: sing. I've been in the various school choirs in my city for five years now and continue doing so, and play the piano frequently. I've taken piano lessons for the past six to seven years and now basically teach myself. I'm also a songwriter and composer. Overall, I'm a very artistic and creative person and love to express myself through art, whether it be through song or other forms. And last but not least, I love Trey and all that he does! Along with all the other thousands of fans supporting you, Imma support you the whole nine yards, baby! Your concert back in August over here in Mississippi was the ish. I loved it. Come back soon, baby! :-) Yuuup!
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