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Replied To: Can’t Be Friends is ……………-Update (Forum topic)
On: Dec 24, 2010
Replied To: BLIND INFATUATION (Forum topic)
On: Dec 24, 2010
Replied To: Chicago/Gary Angels (Forum topic)
On: Dec 24, 2010
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um well obviously i LOVE Tremaine "trey songz" Neverson lol. smart graduated early from highschool to go to cosmetology school to get my hair license. I want to be a celebrity stylist or a stylist for music videos. A big dream of mine is to meet Trey one day. anything else just ask. I KNOW I PROBLY NEVER IN LIFE GET TO DATE TREY. BUT I HOPE MY FUTURE BOO HAS ALL THE QUALITIES HE DOES. HE DOESNT HAVE TO BE FAMOUS OR ANYTHING. I JUST LIKE THAT TREY IS REAL AND SINCERE AND FINE AS EVER. AND I HOPE WHO EVER TREY PICKS TO BE HIS GIRL IS REAL AND GINUINE TOO. AND NOT A GOLD DIGGER AND JUST TRYING TO GET KNOWN CAUSE THERE ARE REAL GIRLS OUT HERE AND YALL STRAGGS BE MESSING IT UP FOR US.
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