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When I first heard Trey Songz voice he amazed me from that day on I knew he would be someone diffrent. His voice has a diffrent field of performance and perfection. Trey Songz is not just a singer he is a motivator,leader and a key to achievement. I have been blessed by him over the last couple of years he has really grown as a artist.He shows how we as people should do what we love to do and not what we want to do. Trey smile to me shows a lot about him. He is happy with what he is doing he knows he is being the artist we as his fans believed him to be.Also he has that smile that only faith can put on someones face. Trey has bein a eye catcher for some time now do to his sexy voice and the words he sing that just makes every women feel warm inside.Trey you are every womens dream man and iI think they should do more with males like trey hisself.I LOVE YOU TREY!!!!!!!!!

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On: Jun 30, 2010
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