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if any of you have a DROID phone and have the twidryod app then go to @THEBESTSEX101 page and scrool through all his tweets atleast like 3-4 weeks ago and youll see his name was @GENTELMANsomething... but before that he was @KIDNAMEDKASH who tweeted about sex relationships quotes jokes and other things trust me he is not trey songz

On: Jan 06, 2011

@THEBESTSEX101 IS NOT I repeat IS NOT Trey Songz. I been following him for a long time now and I remember when he changed his name and started tweetin about sex and relationships. I actually dont understand why he would want ppl to think he is Trey Songz I mean it would get him more followers but his tweets are really good so either he should reveal who he really is or just keep it a secret. I remember when @sexstrology reaveled who he was ppl unfollowed him because he was a white guy idk why but ppl can be stupid. So I personally think @THEBESTSEX101 should keep it a secret and those of us who have been following then we know and those who haven't don't.

On: Jan 06, 2011
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