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but yea i would watch every eposiode it would be nice to c him on tv every week

On: Dec 07, 2009

helll no i dont wanna c him with none of them nasty vh1 reality show chicks

On: Dec 07, 2009

I would fall out n need to be hospitalized

On: Nov 30, 2009

I really love his music he is definitely Fine. I love his voice i tingle when he says yuuup! But i love how at he motivates his fans to follow through with thier dreams

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Nov 30, 2009

Im am defintlty obsessed. I listen to him everyday. Iscream when i see him even if its a pic. My bestie says i should go to rehab. Picture people sitting in a big ass circle saing "Hi im Jnae Doe and I am addicted to drugs" and im like "hi my name is jasmine and im addicted to trey songz" lol:)

Replied To: ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH TREY? (Forum topic)
On: Nov 24, 2009
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I am 19 and I attend webster University in st. Louis, Mo. Majoring in Broadcast Journalism. i hope to one day become a radio personality so I can interview Trey. Lol:). Oh yea, I love trey songz he is ma favorite. READY is hella tight I listen to him err day. YUUUUUUP