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Some concerts should have an age limit but i feel that if you have a parent with you and you underage then it should be okay. But im 16yrz old about to be 17yrz old nd im dyin 2 go to one of its concert. But if someone underage gets in some how Trey Songz shouldnt get in trouble for pullin them up stage and doin the "normal" thaang he usually do 'cause 14 nd 15 yr oldz nowadays look really mature.

On: Apr 25, 2011
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I dnt noe where 2 start bt here goes- Fav sport 2 watch nd play-Football Fav Team(s)-New Orlean Saints, Philly Eagles, Minnesota Vikings. Interest(s)-Writing, Reading,Cooking(can cook pretty much nethang), goin 2 da gym, painting Moving bck 2 Killeen TX n June!! Fav Pppl.-Trigga,Pleasure P,Reggie Bush, Desean Jackson, Adrian Peterson, I dont rly lyk putting full facial nd body picz up yet cuz ah dnt trust da internet bt im not ugly lolz just not comfortable. Dream(s)-One day i hope to meet Trey Songz, nd Pleasure P nd ah rly hope ah go 2 one of dere concertz soon. i want Trey Songz 2 b mah very 1st concert ah go 2 nd ah want it 2 b da best.(also ah want to cook Trey Songz a big meal one day) (Other) I also hope to purchace some of these Trey Songz items such as the Prop. of Trey Songz pink tank nd mathcing boishortz!!:D nd da Custom Hoodie2011 i wuld mention mah fav Trey Songz songz bt ah dont have enuff "characters) left to use. But "Say Aah" iz mah ringtone 4 wen he calls me<3.
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