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May 5

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I dnt noe where 2 start bt here goes- Fav sport 2 watch nd play-Football Fav Team(s)-New Orlean Saints, Philly Eagles, Minnesota Vikings. Interest(s)-Writing, Reading,Cooking(can cook pretty much nethang), goin 2 da gym, painting Moving bck 2 Killeen TX n June!! Fav Pppl.-Trigga,Pleasure P,Reggie Bush, Desean Jackson, Adrian Peterson, I dont rly lyk putting full facial nd body picz up yet cuz ah dnt trust da internet bt im not ugly lolz just not comfortable. Dream(s)-One day i hope to meet Trey Songz, nd Pleasure P nd ah rly hope ah go 2 one of dere concertz soon. i want Trey Songz 2 b mah very 1st concert ah go 2 nd ah want it 2 b da best.(also ah want to cook Trey Songz a big meal one day) (Other) I also hope to purchace some of these Trey Songz items such as the Prop. of Trey Songz pink tank nd mathcing boishortz!!:D nd da Custom Hoodie2011 i wuld mention mah fav Trey Songz songz bt ah dont have enuff "characters) left to use. But "Say Aah" iz mah ringtone 4 wen he calls me<3.
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