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It's okay. Are you going to see Trey in Orlando next month? If so I'm trying to get a group of us to go together so we can have some fun & get to know each other.

Replied To: Jacksonville Angels ()
On: Jan 19, 2013

I actually don't have a twitter anymore however I am on Google +

Replied To: Jacksonville Angels ()
On: Jan 10, 2013

Jacksonville Angel here :-)

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On: Jan 10, 2013
On: Sep 14, 2011
Replied To: GOOGLE+ *UPDATE* (Blog)
On: Aug 30, 2011
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About Me: 
Whats up TreyWorld...Its me Trey's HolyAngel aka Neka!! Heres just a lil info about me...Im pretty much down to earth, very sweet, silly at times once you get to know me. Im always on a spiritual high because I feel like God has done so much for me in my life & I am just forever grateful to him. I am so glad that Trey decided to name his supporters his Angels. Its just a wonderful sentiment to who I am & what I represent
Watching Trey, reading about Trey, singing Trey songs, going to Trey concerts when I can afford to go,and most importantly just being a fan & supporter of Trey Songz.
Favorite Bands: 
Trey Songz & old school music all the way up to the late 90's mostly but Gospel music is what I enjoy in my spare time
United States
Twitter Name: 
Coming Soon...old name deleted
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