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it is funny but its whatever. if they wanna say that den they can but it be confusin cuz alot of people have trey in they names

Replied To: I think its pretty Funny (Forum topic)
On: Aug 06, 2009

bump bump

On: Aug 06, 2009

hey! welcome im regina

Replied To: New 2 the board (Forum topic)
On: Aug 06, 2009

same here. u aint the only one lol

Replied To: ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH TREY? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 06, 2009

virgo in tha bulidin

Replied To: REP UR ZODIAC SIGN . <<GEMINI>> WOO HOOO (Forum topic)
On: Aug 03, 2009
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wat it do! the name is regina. im 19 from michigan. love me some trey! been rockin wit him since 06. shoutout to tsmb. follow me on the twitter. holla!