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First I want to say congratulations I am very excited for this opportunity to hear this new song. We are so special :) I know that many people are asking about a tour, around what part of the year would you start one. I want to be ready!!!!,!

Replied To: Submit your questions for Trey (Blog)
On: Jul 04, 2012

Trey you have a girlfriend per this interview, I am not ready for that :) Loved the pictures and the interview.

On: Jun 18, 2012

We love him tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replied To: Chapter V Europe Promo Part II (Blog)
On: Jun 07, 2012

I received my magazine in the mail today, I enjoyed the article and it was nice to hear that Trey goes all out to make sure that his fans are satisfied with his performances. The first time I saw him was the Anticipation tour in Los Angeles and I had a ball. Also, I became an Angel. Every chance I get to see him I definitely will.

On: May 16, 2012
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