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Well, I have talent and my talent is dancing,and rapping. I am in LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV with MR.TREMAIN. I am GREAT at makin poems and I love going out, going 2 concerts an stuff.I CAN NOT STAND FONNY People and Haterz, But az I always say...... Dah Haterz makes mii popular if dey can gt mii name out inta people mouthz so yea and jelousy 2.! I cant Stand Nam 1 ,but hey PLP gne do it any wayz so yuup datz all yall people needz ta know bought mii and i almost fa got I am a 2x5 an I am a real person I aint on dat fonny, an hatin Bull kuz eatha or .......aint no body like me an NEVER WILL BE LIKE ME!!I am MII self I dont Copy of people or nun of Dat!So Yuupp imma 100% chick who can keep it real and i DONT like LIER'S,OR AZ I PUT LYERZ eatha kuzo whatz dah poin of doin it!So datz all u need ta know any thing else u want 2 know bought mii just text mii or sum an I will be Proud 2 answer!AKA an True answer 2! AKA i LUUUUUVVVVVVVVVV TREY SONGZ/TREMAIN,TRIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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