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i super totally agree.....Trey's Angles All The Way......

Replied To: ANGELS ONLY TOUR/EVENT PETITION!!! (Forum topic)
On: Jul 25, 2011

oommgg i cant wait too go like this would be my first trey's performance ima see in concert im soo happy..........@Mssongzbby

On: Dec 11, 2010

im sorry i jus read the email you sent ive been in the hospital since the day you replied....

On: Dec 05, 2010

Name: Dominique Idalys Williams
Angel Name:MzSongzBabby
City/State: Miami, FL

Name Dominique idalys Williams

Angel Name MzSongzbabby

City Miami, Fl

Bio info : My name is dominique and im 16 im into sports my favorite sport is basketball i play high school ball made it on varsity and im just a sophmore im a mixed girl lovable sweet & caring fun crazy but cool girl too be honest ive been a fan of you since you came out with your album trey day since then ive loved your music its so inspiring and understanding i wish i can meet you soo i can spend just one day to get to know tremaine neverson im never gonna give up on that dream....i believe confidence is what makes a girl sexy....

"Why did u become an Angel?
i became an trey angel because i wanted trey to have a club for just his true fans and he can get a chance too meet everyone of us and see everything we do and too show him how much we appreciate him and his work as an artist and an role model....

"What does being a Treys Angel mean to you".

being an trey angel means so much to me like finally trey has a club that he can dedicated everything to his true fans and i can show him how much i love him and how much of an great artist he's become and how im inspired by him how much his music expresses the i feel and i can relate too i think being an trey angel is a blessing too me...

On: Dec 05, 2010

Name: Dominique Idalys Williams
Angel Name:MzSongzBabby
City/State: Miami, FL

On: Nov 29, 2010
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wassup yall....My name DOMINIQUE.... im 16 Sophmore iim from miiamii where the sexii ladies a fun & crazy girl... Lovable , Sweet & Caring...iim a basketball player i love being an athlete single i like to talk to boys but im lookn for my prince charming ... ii love trey songz i kno trey hears it from every girl but wat i love about him is his workk and the passion he has for music everytime i listen to passion pain and pleasure i get more emotion from his lyrics how he put his lyrics and music 2gether he inspire me alot ...i believe confidence is what makes a girl sexy... Im now 20 years old i didnt want to change my old bio makes me remember when i was in high school, so now im a college sophmore student - athlete i run track for bethune - cookman university i love my H(BCU) pretty much the same girl since 16 im more matured, more confident and now trying to make dreams a reality and one of those dreams is to meet Trey Songz...
Play Basketball and Run Track
Favorite Bands: 
One Direction
United States
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Ive been to so many but out of the 7 concerts i've been to i would say the Usher Exoerience Tour was one the best concerts I've been to usher knows how to put on a performance and plus he had August Alsina which another favorite artist of mine. I cant wait til Trey and August do a tour together.
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MsSongzbby Now its Flawless_Paris
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