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please do not have trey and chris do a concert together, there fan base is totally differnt trey is grown and knows how to conduct himself, chris is very talented but i dont think this would be good, maybe for yalls pockets but not for true grown over 30-40 trey fans. we dont want drama at a concert we want to enjoy the man Trey

On: Apr 25, 2011

oh i forgot tank tops for the summer that we can wear outside not to bed package of 3 red,black and white not sure what they should say will leave that up to you or angel tank tops lovefaces,LOL.~. tank tops? another angel meet and greet with Trey I just became an angel in Jan. so I've missed out on alot and he is getting busier(spelling) by the minute so dont know if that will be possible but would be nice. He is bringing R & B back thank God, He is the 1st R&B artist I have listen to in 5 or 6yrs was only listening to Gospel/Christian music. thanks for letting me make my suggetions I'm sure i will have more...blessing to all

On: Apr 17, 2011

Is Trey gonna headline a concert in Va anytime soon he is from here I would hope so I live in Chesapeake so hopefully in Norfolk or what about an Angel Only concert it would be my 1st time seeing him, and can we get some more LOL .~. tee-shirts, the bundle with 3 was great they just sold out to fast I couldnt get one, and tee-shirts and a hoodie in red please my favorite color and Trey's by the way. I wear my black and white hoodie all the time and I'm 47 look more like 35 tho havent worn the angle one yet, and what about the angel symbol in a vase or something nice like that I'm sure the price would be high on it but i bet angels would buy it I would, My Moment on DVD please we have well I have been twitting Jojo about it only one responce 2mnths ago I know he's bzz but all the angles want it on DVD

On: Apr 17, 2011

i luv this interview because he was laughing almost couldnt stop, I love to see him laughing and have a good time he has alot of responcbility so its good to see, we all know he can be goofy as hell and i like it, this was refreshing, i like when he told her no I'm not singing just listening, he's had other interviews with her before but this is a good one.

On: Apr 15, 2011
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On: Apr 15, 2011
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