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Hey Tremaine ;D WOW, reading all of these other comments and I know that mine will NEVER match up to any of these, but I'm going to try my best for Trey<3 But anyhow, I have been there from the beginning, I remember listening to 'Gotta Make It' for the first time, and I didn't like it, but I still put it on my phone to listen to over and over again and I started to get into it, I knew all the words and I was singing it around my mom, she was like 'I thought you didn't like that song?' and I replied with 'Well I love it now, and I love this man.' It's mad how I still remember that day like it was yesterday. After that day, I listened to the rest of the album to see what all the other songs were like, and at that time, I was going through quite a lot of different things, and listening to the lyrics of each song , I realized how much they actually related to how I was feeling at the time, and then from that day, I fell in love with you, your album, your music, your voice, your smile, everything! I talk about you literally everyday, my mom is ALWAYS telling me to be quiet as she knows so much about you from me, ahh! When me and my mom are just skipping through the music channels and I hear just a second of your song, I always scream and tell her to put it back, even if the song is just finishing! But all of your albums, mix tapes, ep's EVERYTHING, I love them all, I will always support you in anything that you do, I think that you're a great man. I'm not a part of Trey's Angles just yet, but I promise you, I will be :D I am honestly one of your BIGGEST fans! You are always going to make it because you always put your mind to it, and put all your heart and soul into your music! One of my friends are hooked on your songs too! My favourite chapter of your life will probably have to be chapter 3 and 4! I have posters, t-shirts and everything! I don't think you know how much I actually love you, #TeamSongz Love You Millions Trey! One Love<3 p.s I will be America at the time

On: Aug 04, 2012
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15. I live in the UK. England. Birmingham! BUP BUP. TREYSONGZ is the most amazing person on earth alongside, Usain Bolt, My mom and God. I listen to him EVERYDAY without fail! And when I'm down, just listening to him will always make me happy!
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