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I would not leave my boyfriend for Trey! I mean, I love him! I really do, but if I am already in a relationship and he wanted to be with me(I WISH LOL) the answer would painfully be no! But I would tell him that I would be the best friend he could ever have :)

On: Aug 03, 2010

What attracts me the most is his personality, or at least, what I know about it from observing him. He seems so real at all times, and you don't find that very often. Some celebs become huge and forget who they are, to me, he hasn't. :)

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On: Aug 03, 2010
On: Jul 13, 2010
On: Jul 13, 2010
On: Jul 13, 2010
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I am a 25 year old female from Milwaukee WI! I LOVE TREY SONGS! LOL :)
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