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Thank you for taking us in considaration, I know is hard to deal with us most of timess, specially when you meet distorbes ones like me, that we don't really want to accept the fact that you are a human been like us and can't give us all we demand from you... I apologyse if at times I turn into a rude and nasty girl but is hard to control your feeling when you want something sooo badly and you know you can't have it. I had I discussion whith you on facebook, I don't know if it was your real facebook or it was one of those fake ones.. and we really gott nasty to each other... Sorryy.. I like you and I love your music... Whish you the best of luck in your life, personal and professional... And you know you really inspired me?? I also want to be an artist but it a bit comfuss for me because I am to shy to go on public or anytime I posted a video or youtube I ended up deleting it... is complicated. but still when I remember your story and how comited you were and finally made it.. I come to think and know that I will too. Hope one day when I make it we can make a duo together... any way let me stop the dreaming and come back to reality.. Thank for every second of your time, every min of your toughs and every day for your music... love you...

Replied To: From me to you... (Blog)
On: Aug 29, 2012

Don´t worry God is with her and she shall be fine

Replied To: Prayers for my Mother ()
On: Jul 15, 2012
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