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i love him because of his music. his songs are good i especially love my first love with johnta austin:).

his body is a work of art hes so gorgeous im even buying keyrings just because theyve got pictures of him on them. his voice is amazing havent heard anyone with a voice like his,its so sexy especially listening to it with earphones.
i enjoy watching him and i dont think the fame has gone to his head, hes always making quality songs with people and on his own.
id do anything to meet this man. im going to his next concert and will pay extra to meet him back stage, i love him so much!
i dont think i'll ever grow old off him and his songs, when i saw this website i had to join because i just love tremaine.
his smile is golden. im buying a poster because he's on there and will hang it so i can see it all the time when i wake up!! i love him more than my parents! well nearly the same but omg i love trey no other artist has meant this much to me ha!
i think to meet him would be a dream come true, hes amazing and beautiful.
to sum it up i love trey songz because he has a beautiful voice and his looks are added on. a bonus.
i admire him and his songs, when i hear them i zone out and just listen to his words and i dont care about anything else. i can cut a conversation half way just because ive got an urge for trey and i listen to his songs everyday without a fail for two years, im so happy ive found this artist whos so beautiful, and has a gorgeous smile! I LOVE TREY SONGZ. my hearttttttt.

On: Jan 06, 2012

i can't wait to see trey neither! hes beautiful!

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On: Jan 06, 2012
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i love trey songz. hence why i joined this.
listening to trey songz repeatedly!
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