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I still have not received my dog tags I have my shirt but the tags are something I can wear daily I was contacted and sent my info in but got no follow up after that nor did I get the tags the sad part is its turnin me off dont get me wrong Im still down for Trey cause I know this is NOT his doing but I refused to add the 2nd yr or order charm bracelet until I received what I already paid for @Treyangels @teamtrey please get it together

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On: Oct 19, 2010
On: Sep 26, 2010
Replied To: SO KODAK (Blog)
On: Sep 26, 2010

happy to be an angel holdin out that there will be a special meet and greet for us on each coast and that we get the follow on twitter I suggest that Trey has some fun with the comin videos and shows mainstream America the fun side he shows us on ustream so he doesnt get trapped in the only sensual lane..SideNote the best buy in Harrisburg Pa is not carrying the deluxe version of PassionPainPleasure and has no intention of getting it

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On: Sep 15, 2010
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