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Nelly loves Trey


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I wanted to say to Trey Have a verry merry special christmas and godbless. im thnakful be a treys angel and to be apart of the webste. LOVE YOU TREY

On: Dec 25, 2010
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Nelly loves Trey!!
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My name is Shanell. Bday is April 14 Im funny loud sometimes. love hanging out with friends. Good person to talk to and hang out with. Love my family and friends and god of course. LOVE TREY SONGZ BIG FAN!! happy to be apart of this website and follow me im super excited to become a treys angel. And i would love for trey to follow me. Ive been a fan of trey for idk how long iknoe a very very very long time i watch his ustreams im pretty young but imeen idont care im still a fan hope trey will wait for me when i get older. He's entertaining funny and i just love him. He came to my school before and i would hope to meet him. Iknow alot of his songs but the only album i have is Passion pain and pleasure but i love all of them. My order is Passion pain pleasure, Ready, Trey Day, Then Gotta make it. And i love lemmeholdatbeat. I hope i dont miss any emails or like upcoming events about trey and once again Im super excited to be an angel.
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