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On: Jan 01, 2011
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Nesha=Trey's Anqel
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█ 10% Nice ██ 20% Friendly ███ 30% Random ████ 40% Hyper █████ 50%Bad ██████ 60% Talkative ███████ 70% Funny ████████ 80%Serious █████████ 90% Mean ██████████ 100% Reliable ███████████ 110% ME im a outgoing person,sumx quiet but most of tha x i tlk but dhatz only if i lyke yuu or i mean i feel lyke tlkng,i ghet motivated quickly,fast learner,im usually quiet until dha musiccc cum on..imma dancer,actress and a model and i luvvv tah stay n fit and exercise n go tah dha gym and haxngg wif meh frennz and family and im flexible and i lyke tah tlk tah ppl dhat have thngz going fha dey selv if yuu dnt have anythng going fha yahselvv n yuu a bad influence itz a chance dhat i wuld not lyke yuu or wuna chxll wif yuu so yaa and i luvv kids and animals tha jobs i want is tah b a vetranarian or a pediatritian if not 1 of em or dancer,actress,model..but i wuld prefer tah save and animalz lyfe anydayy..n im mixed wif black,white,indian,puerto rican iwear aero,hollister,levi,aerocrombie
United States
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