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& it goes a lil somethin like this...The name is Netta from Davenprot Iowa. I love Trey Songz point blank cnt nobdy change that. Im 18 loven life and i live it to the fullest all i do is win and get that money. Im a high skool graduate of Davenport Central High School. I plan to go to college next fall and of course i plan to meat the one and only sexy Trey songz face to face other than yelling and screaming with tears in the crowd:)) (almost passed out)! But um i love to have fun with my girls and go shopping like all the time. On a rainy day i chill in the bed and listen to Trey Songz, but thats like a daily routine. Im a very fun person to be around i love jokers and party ppl but there is a time to act ur age. [ sigh ]what more can i say, well of course a whole lot but that wld take dayz, So for now that would be all.! I I LOVE U TREY!!!!kno dat...!
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